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Sod Farming

What Goes into Sod Farming?



Site preparation:

The first step in sod farming is preparing the site where the grass will be grown. This involves removing any existing vegetation, tilling the soil, and leveling the field.

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Once the site is prepared, we take pallets of good grass and put on a sod planter. The planter chops it up and puts into the soil.

Mick’s Grass & Sod Service


The newly planted field is watered regularly to ensure that the seeds germinate and the grass grows healthy.



To promote healthy grass growth, fertilizers are applied to the field at regular intervals.

Mick’s Grass & Sod Service

Weed control:

Sod farmers use herbicides to control the growth of weeds that can compete with the grass for nutrients and water.

Mick’s Grass & Sod Service


The grass is mowed regularly to promote even growth and a lush appearance.


Once the grass has reached maturity, it is harvested using specialized equipment that cuts the grass into slabs.

sod harvesting


The harvested sod is loaded onto trucks and delivered to customers for use in landscaping projects.